I was looking for ideas for the Star Warz collection and my wife suggested something along the lines of Jewbacca.  (I can get away with it since I’m Jewish).

Now it’s been done before as I did a search on the Google.  But I had to add more.  Sure, I could do Put the Han in Hanukkah (which also has been done) but I did add Han since Harrison Ford is Jewish.  Then I wanted to add how Chewie does that growl, which is how he does the Hahahahaharnukka.  The menorah had to reference the millennium falcon.  And it all came together.

I was at the Charlotte Comic Con and I had the original on my large grey book.  I had it open so people could see how I approached this style.  A family just had to buy it, and since I had it scanned already I figured why not.  They were a nice Jewish family.