I went to my first Heroes mini con today.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I know Heroes brings a good con, even when it’s the mini one (it’s not mini anymore).  I sat up at the Artist’s Alley with some talented people.  I wasn’t quite big enough to sit at the big boy table with the established artists, but I’ll earn that place some day.  I sold some prints, some post card sets, and the Radar Graphic Novel and the ZomB and the VampR children’s book.  I also had 2 commissions, the Silver Surfer and the Joker (from the Dark Knight movie).

Silver-surfer- joker

and here are some that I did just to warm up. I started with Hector Hammond, the guy with the big head. and then did Goth Opossum.
Hector- gothopossum