This last weekend I had a table at the Mad Monster Party.  I had decided to get a table because, after looking back at my work, that I had a bunch of monster related items.  I had our new book, the ZomB and the Vampire, 12 monster prints, an AlphaBeasts trading card set, WereWhat postcard set, and monster head stickers.  And the audience there also would like some of the super hero/star wars stuff I had.

majanation at monsterconThey weren’t mad at all.  The people were quite nice and complementary.  I feel like maybe I’m starting to figure out my audience and my style.  Over the years I’ve been down on my art  as many creatives do.  It’s easy because you take yourself for granted, and you see other work that inspires you.  I have these ideas in my head of how it should look when I’m thinking of the art world in general, and it comes out another way.  But what I’m finding is it comes out the way that is a part of me.  So in the past few years I’ve been learning to let go of my preconceived notions of how it should be and work with what I am.

This new outlook seems to be working.  I don’t expect everyone to get it, but those who do get it, get it.  It was humbling hearing people tell me that I’m really talented and they loved my work.  So I didn’t make money hand over fist, but if compliments were cash, I’d be rich.  So I am thankful to all those who have supported me over the years and to my new fans.

And now I will rest and think about  what’s next.